About Us


Our platform will provide a range of yogic experiences to those seeking a yogic path in life.

We believe that experiences are what leads one to an deeper understanding of who they are as a sentinel being and their deeper purpose in life.


Yoga teachers, Yoga Studios, Wellness instructors, Healers

We provide a platform for you to share your workshops and events on a global scale.

Services Available

  1. Website and Mobile App development.
  2. Maintenance of current sites and mobile apps.
  3. Marketing on Facebook, google ads and ads on the website.
  4. SEO and SEM for your website.
  5. Event promotion, ticketing and marketing.


Yoga Enthusiast

We provide a wonderful array of teachers with many different styles of yoga and teachings.

A wide variety of events to choose from and many different types of experiences from yoga to wellness.


Corporate Yoga from MyYogaOnDemand on Vimeo.


A Message from the creator of the Page.

We can be one with nature if we start to understand our relationship with the cosmos and how everything around us affects our very being.”

What we eat, drink, breath, feel, think and experience leaves an imprint on our DNA and impacts our well being as humans.

You can be the highest vibration you can be. You can be in harmony with nature and the cosmos. You can be in a perpetual bliss.