Lower Back Pain Remedy by Julia Kulakova

Lower Back Pain Remedy by Julia Kulakova

Urdva Dhanurasana at Black Sands Beach, CA
Julia Kulakova in Urdva Dhanurasana at Black Sands Beach, CA

#LowerBackPain is a common complain among my students, as well as strangers… In fact, when asked about 4 common types of pain, respondents of a #NationalCenterofHealthStatistics survey indicated that low back pain was the most common (27%), followed by severe #headache or #migrainePain (15%), #neckPain (15%) and #facialAche or pain (4%). 
Also, #BackPain is the leading cause of disability in Americans UNDER 45 y.o. More than 26 million Americans between the ages of 20-64 experience frequent back pain. 
Here’s my remedy and logic for ACUTE #LowerBackPain, so you remember it, when/if you need and – even better – shape up your activities to #PreventIt
Lower back muscles are compensating for deep abs’ weakness. When overworked, LBMs go into a spasm (extreme contraction).

Once, long time before my #DeepAbdominal exploration through #yoga and #bellydance, I dance on the open deck of river cruise in October in Russia. It was a bit chilly, but with all the excitement I didn’t pay much attention… Next day I couldn’t get out of bed – the LBM spasm was so strong! My school semester was starting the next day in Moscow, and I had to travel in the evening. It was the time for determination. With tears, I crawled(!) into a shower… There I alternated a very hot (to relax) and an icy cold ( to contract the body) showers.
The logic: Normally, every contraction is automatically released by the body. If #ContractRelease mechanism got stuck, you could:

1. Do everything possible to relax (#FocusedBreathing, #HotShower, #massage) or

2. (#counterintuitive) Contract more to illicit the “new” following release. This “new” release will “remind” the stuck in a spasm muscles of the release pattern.
In my example, the hot shower relaxed the muscles a little, then the icy cold one contracted them MORE, then the next bout of heat helped the new “release” phase, naturally following the contraction.
I kept alternating those two phases for probably an hour ( obviously, depends on the severity of the spasm and your own determination). My result: the spasm was like, 85% gone after this initial #CONTRASTshower treatment. I didn’t miss the important day in school and felt good, being in control of my health 😉 For the next couple of days, I continued the same treatment to make sure the spasm is completely released. 
Since then, I routinely do #preventive #contrastShowers to make sure that my body is in the dance-n-sports-ready state. Wishing you the same