The 5 elements

The 5 elements

The Earth Element

The Earth is the densest or most solid & contracted of the elements and of course is associated with the Earth and with grounding or being grounded. It is the Element of the Base Chakra which connects us to the ground, to our more instinctual nature, the primitive part of ourselves that is concerned with survival and operates from instinct. The Energy of the Earth Element is solidity. Any matter where attractive forces are in prominence (solid bodies) are called earth elements. Bodily earth elements include head, hair, body hair, nails, teeth, skin, flesh, sinews, bone, organs & intestinal material.

Water (or liquid) element

The Water Element is still relatively dense, but it is flexible & adaptable, it is creative & life giving and it wants to flow… When water is stagnate it becomes putrid when it flows it purifies.  Water is the Element of the Sacral Chakra which is the seat of emotions, desires & sexuality. Emotions are just Energy in Motion. Water element represents the quality of Liquidity or relative motion. Any matter where relative motion of particles is in prominence are called water elements. Bodily water elements include bile, phlegm, pus, blood, sweat, fat, tears, nasal mucus & urine.

Fire Element

The Fire Element is both destructive & creative, its energy is transformational; it destroys, and creates space for new life. Fire is the element of the Solar Plexus the seat of passion, personal power, drive & direction, it is considered the engine room of the body as it is where we generate heat, fire is heat! It also governs the digestive system. Fire element represents the quality of heat or energy. Any matter where energy is in prominence are called fire elements. Internal fire elements include those bodily mechanisms that produce physical warmth, ageing & digestion.

Air Element

Air Element is light, fresh, energising & high vibration, It is contrary to Earth as it is without perceivable form. Air is vital to human survival, through the process of breathing in Air we breath in the pure life force or prana, Air provides the most powerful element for purification. The more prana one has in their body the more vital and alive they are. Air is the Element of the Heart Chakra the seat of love & compassion, if an individual can live in the energy of their heart they have total freedom; to live in the vibration of the heart one must have to come to a place of total love and acceptance of themselves. Air element represents the quality of expansion or repulsive forces. Any matter where repulsive forces are in prominence are called air elements. Internal air elements includes air associated with the pulmonary system (for example, for breathing), the intestinal system (“winds in the belly and … bowels”).

Space Element

Space is the finest vibration of the elements and actually provides the space for the other Elements to exist. It is the highest vibration of sound and cannot be perceived through the 5 senses it is more the Element of Spirit or the 6th sense.  It is vastly expansive, empty & full at the same time. This Element within us enables us to realise that we are much more than our physical bodies, there is a much greater purpose to our existence than the material world, we connect with something bigger than ourselves.  The quality of Space is consciousness, we expand our ability to perceive  & transform our reality. Described as “pure and bright”, used to cognize the three feelings of pleasure, pain and neither-pleasure-nor-pain, and the arising and passing of the sense contact upon which these feelings are dependent.